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Advantages of summer tyres :

Summer tyres have been designed for applying to weather conditions from fall to spring. Summer tyre use is limited due to the temperatures: the traction is lost once the temperature falls below 7 degrees. The most beneficial issue of using summer tyres is the performance specifications.

When the best summer tyres to the best all-season tyres the summer ones are undisputedly better on dry and wet roads. They provide better braking action, operating and grip to the road surface, higher convenient and lower noise level consuming less fuel at the same time.

Summer tyres feature also longer lifespan than all-season tyres. Furthermore, all-season tyres are much expensive than summer tyres among the same class or from the same manufacturer.

As an owner of a midrange or high-range vehicle, you are obliged to purchase summer tyres. Only highly advanced summer tyres can deal with the performance and requirements of modern cars.

Picking the right ones

You need to know the size of your rim. They are marked in inches. For example : 15''= 38.1cm. Usually, this number is followed by a mark R, like the R15, this letter indicates that it is a radial tire. In addition, you need to know the width of the rim, which is usually indicated in jots (J).

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