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General information about motorcycle tyres

Motorcycle tires are designed to be used on a single track, two-wheeled vehicles - motorcycles. That’s because they have different functions and they work under different conditions than other tyres.

Tyre construction

A motorcycle tyre is made of several components. The casing is what gives the tyre its basic shape. It’s made of natural and synthetic. For tubeless tires, an inner liner is installed to retard pressure loss. In a bias-ply tire, the cords overlap in an X-shaped pattern. On a radial tire, the cords are applied radially around the casing, 90 degrees to the direction of rotation. Some designs also have belts of steel or other materials applied in the direction that the tire rolls. Tires that are marked for rear or front part only must be installed on the right end, never on the wrong end, because it’s possible that the belts or tread may separate when driving which can cause serious trouble. Tires that are not marked can be mounted either front or rear.

Choosing the right tyres

Motorcycle racing tyres, dynamic motocross tyres, or even slower classic tyres - all of these variants provide comfort and excitement when they are used correctly. You should always remember that it is your safety that should be considered above anything else. One tyre option is never the same as another, with the wide range on the market today offering plenty of possibilities.

Of course, for many people, the visual aspect is very important. However, the main emphasis should always be on the way such tyres are they going to be used. Some people travel on touring bikes or choppers, and others use a classic regular motorcycle. Racing riders need sports tyres that are approved and suitable bot for the racetrack and regular traffic.

The right choice of tyres will help to ensure your safety, which is always a high priority when driving on just two wheels.

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