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General information about truck tyres

Truck tyres are also known as Heavy duty tyres or Bus tyres. These tyres are used on vehicles such as commercial freight trucks, dump trucks, and passenger buses. Truck tires are also divided into special categories according to vehicle position such as steering, drive axle, and trailer. Each type is designed with the special materials and tread patterns that provide the best tyre performance.

Choosing the right tyres

Unlike other driver, truck drives are more than happy and they enjoy changing and finding the perfect tyres for their tracks.

Different tires can completely change the terms of truck characteristics, performance, and limitations. There is a wide range of variety of truck for trucks and buses – you just need to find the right ones.

But the wide variety of tyre types and possibilities can also confuse truck owners.

The key to making the right tire selection for your truck is known which types of tyres are available on the market. Before you start considering individual tires, it’s best to determine which tire type will fit your needs.

Here is a small overview of truck tire types to begging with

  • All-season:

The majority of tyres that come with the truck are these ones. They are called all season tyres and they are optimized for on-road performance.

If your truck was equipped with all-season tires from the factory, then you probably have plenty of miles to reflect on. All-season truck tires are ideal for drivers who drive the majority of their miles on-road and don't require higher truck performance limitations.

  • All-terrain:

All-terrain truck tyres are for people who use their truck to work and/or adventure. All-terrain is ideal for drivers who split their time on- and off-road, or in other driving contexts where extra durability and higher performance limitations are advantageous. For example, driving on rough roads or in deep snow.

  • Mud-terrain:

For maximum off-road performance and the most aggressive look, mud-terrain tires are the way to go. Even though many people use them while they are driving on regular roads, they are optimized for challenging off-road environments. Ideally, the perfect usage of these tyres should be 80% of time off-road, 20% of time on-road.

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